Thursday, June 14, 2012


He made a change in the way that I'm walking
He made a change in the way that I'm talking
Old things pass away, behold everything's new
He made a change in the life that I'm living
I'm born again, set free, finally forgiven
If He can make a change in me, He can make a change in you.
This chorus of this southern gospel song has been reverberating in my spirit since last Friday.  As I was praying while driving to work those words began to sear into my spirit.  Our assembly was coming to the conclusion of having different people share their stories of God's faithfulness.  Some were from our own assembly while others were people whom the Lord laid on my heart to have have them share.  I firmly believe if we are a Christian we have a story to share about God's faithfulness in our lives.  Some in our assembly didn't like this series so much.  That didn't concern me.  My desire was to be faithful to what God had led me to do.  Each of these stories we heard shared over the past six weeks have been different, yet the same.  Each person, without fail emphasized the change God brought in their lives.  Each person's story hit a "target" in the gathering.  That is, someone was challenged and encouraged each week.  I love how God does that!

Last Friday as I was reflecting over the stories we have heard shared, I began to recall the change God made in my life.  That gets exciting when you look back and see the difference. 
I began to praise God for the change He made in me!  I'm not the person I used to be.  I don't talk the way I used to talk.  I don't do the things I used to do. Why?  Because HE made a change in me!  God is in the business of transforming lives!

I think it's important to acknowledge the Source of the change that has taken place in my life. 
The organization we call "church" didn't make a change in me.  Not even my brothers and sisters made this change in me.  It wasn't some book or seminar that made this change.   It took the blood of Jesus to affect this change in my life!!

Don't misunderstand.  Its important that we gather with the ekklesia - the assembly of believers.  Incidently, that can take on many shapes and forms.  It may include gathering on certain days.  It may include gathering for fellowship around a meal.  It may include a visit to a park or a walk with a friend.  It can manifest itself in many different forms.  The important thing is that we gather with our brothers and sisters.

Too often we get hung up being inside the walls of the building of an organized church.  We think that's the place where we are supposed to meet.  Nothing else will do according to some.  They miss so much putting themselves in that sort of a mindset and bondage.

I propose to you a question:  How much community actually takes place just sitting and looking at the back of the head of the person who is sitting in front of you?  My guess is not much!  The very nature of the way the organized church meets is not conducive to the "back and forth" of discussion whereby the whole body has the opportunity to share and even ask questions.  Today's organized church has drifted so far away from what God intended.

For the body to function as God intended we need each member of the body functioning. Paul compared us to a physical body (1 Corinthians 12:12-26).  In order for our physical bodies to function the way God intended we need each member of our body to be a healthy productive member.  If there's a broken arm, the body doesn't function in the manner God intended for it to function.  It still functions, but not fully.  The same is true of a broken leg, a broken wrist, shoulder or even toe.  When the body is well with members of the body functioning as intended, the body functions best.

So it is with the Body of Christ.  When some members of the body are not functioning, the body is not functioning as God intended.  When all members function using their gifts to exhort, encourage and edify their brothers and sisters then the body is functioning as God intended.  

This is another aspect of change God makes in our lives.  This is the change of which I am talking about.  Let's free God people of the bondage man has put them in for so long.  Let's free God's people to function when they gather! Let this change come over them and free them to minister to others.

Yes, God has made a change in me - and, I might add, He still is changing me.  Like the old song says, "He's still working on me to make me what I ought to be".  He's still working to change the mindsets of His people.  I thank God He hasn't given up on me!  In the same manner, He hasn't given up on you either!

I encourage you to allow God to continue to make a change in your life.  You won't regret it!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!


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