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Phil 4:15-19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”

AMPLIFIED - “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”

Many Christians, today, struggle with questions regarding God's supply in spite of the clear statement of Philippians 4:19. We'll pray and ask God to meet a particular need and then we question and wonder if He will actually do it. It's important for us to have right teaching on this subject. Let's look at what God's Word really says about His provision.

This thought from the above Scripture is a straightforward expression.  It is unconditional. There are no obvious conditions here. I would hate to be in a position to need His supply if I had not been meeting my obligations to the Lord and had been selfish in regard to the needs of others.  God's supply is unlimited.  It identifies God as making the provision.  It speaks of “all” your needs.  It bases everything on God's riches in glory.  It involves Jesus.   It is unspecified.  It doesn't say exactly what He will do.  It doesn't say how He will do it.  It doesn’t say when He will do it.  It states merely that He WILL do it!  You can take that to the bank!

We've all been through experiences in which it appeared our needs were not met.  We've all been through experiences in which our needs have been met but not as or when we thought they should be.  The question comes to mind, “Does God really meet all our needs?”   This question is, no doubt, asked by Christians often.

What about those times when it appears He doesn't meet our needs?  Did God forget about us?  Is He unconcerned about our situation?  Let's take a look at some “why's” of what appears to be unanswered prayer.  Perhaps our need wasn't really a need.  We become accustomed to a specific lifestyle. We often think of something as a need when in actuality it is a want.  The truth is God actually provides many of our wants.  It's a matter of timing. God always has His own reasons for His timing.  Sometimes the need is supplied but not in the way you wanted it to be.  Consider Israel in the wilderness.  God gave them what they needed, when they needed it.  He give it to them in ways of His choosing rather than theirs.  He gave it in ways at times not even visible, in ways designed to test them, in ways also designed to humble them.  God knows best exactly how to meet our needs if we will but trust Him.

Sometimes the need we are praying for is not our greatest need.  We have many needs, but we see the temporal and physical as the most important.  God sees our spiritual needs as our greatest needs.  God may not supply one need because that need is being used in the process of meeting another more important one.  Meeting the need the way we want it, in the time we want would not bring Him ultimate glory.   The meeting of needs is a means of His glorification.  He usually does things so as to bring glory to Himself ahead of bringing comfort to us.

All our needs are occasions for blessing and glory.  God does meet needs.  Don't give up. Remember, He works in His way and in His own time. He often works in ways we cannot see.  But rest assured, He's working on our behalf.

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