Saturday, October 20, 2012


I ran across the following paragraph a while back.  I thought it had a good deal of validity to it.  It will challenge the average believer.
  •  Have you ever heard anyone use this phrase? “I go to church because I need to be fed”.  My answer has always been this:  Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute and still she was taught to feed herself.  Only baby birds eat regurgitated food.  Stop eating another saints regurgitated revelations.  The Father alone gives us our daily bread. When Jesus invites us to “Come Sup With Him”, He requires us to sit at the table like big boys and girls and feed ourselves.  Go to church for fellowship, for encouragement or even for the music – but for God’s sake don’t go to be fed.  My thoughts are this; if you have been following the Lord for 5 years or more and you’re still having someone feed you?  You need a hospital and not a church.

(I would like to be able to give credit to the person who wrote it or the site I found it on.  Unfortunately, I found it a while back and did not denote where I found it.)

There is so much truth to what this paragraph states.  As Christians, it's time we take responsibility for our own growth.  We ought not go to church to be fed.  We ought to go to church to help in the feeding of others.  Remember, church should be a two way street not a one person monopoly.  We miss the mark going as most of us go today.  We miss out on what God intended our gatherings to be.  

If you only ate in the natural once, twice or three times a week, you would be severely malnourished.  Eventually this would affect your overall health.  So it is in the spiritual realm.  If we only eat when we gather together once, twice or three times a week, we will become severely malnourished, spiritually speaking.  It will affect our spiritual health.  We will become weak.

It's our responsibility to partake of God's Word on a daily basis.  It's our responsibility to pray and commune with God on a daily basis.  It's not the church's responsibility to be our sole source of spiritual nourishment.  To teach this is spiritual malpractice.  More importantly it robs the saints of God of daily blessings and daily growth.

Yes, we are certainly instructed to gather together.  There's no doubt about that.  We are to do so to spur one another on in our spiritual journey.  We gather together to encourage, exhort and edify one another on to spiritual maturity.  The journey is easier and much more enjoyable when we take it together.  There's power in numbers.  

Consider why it is you "go to church".  Are you going for the right reasons?  Are you going because doing so has always been your primary source of spiritual feeding.  How about let's get our spiritual nourishment the way God intended - one on one with God.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!

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  1. Hello my brother! I wanted to let you know that I am the author of the above quote about going to church to be fed. My name is Deanna Rae' Rodriguez. I first posted it on my facebook page titled Only1 Truth. Thanks for using it and God Bless!