Thursday, May 2, 2013


Scripture reading: Matthew 14:22-36

Faith is often a strange thing to us. Most of us have enough faith to trust Jesus to keep us out of hell and get us into heaven, but oftentimes we have a hard time mustering enough faith to trust God to keep us day by day and see us through the tough times we face. If He can save us, He can keep us!

It's important for us, as believers, to acknowledge that sometimes the storms we encounter on our journey are God's will. Now we don't like to hear that and some don't even like to entertain that thought as even a remote possibility. Let's think about it for a moment. The disciples had done what Jesus told them to do (Vs 22). They were in a boat headed to the other side per His instructions. So they were clearly in His will. Yet the storm came! They kept on going because they were told to do so (Vs 24). They most likely could have solved the problem by running with the wind and taking the path of least resistance. However, they wouldn't do so because they were headed to the other side. They were being obedient to what Jesus instructed them to do.

NEWSFLASH: We can be in the center of God's will and yet find ourselves in the midst of a storm.

A storm is no sure sign we are out of God's will. The will of God is likely to involve some storms along the way. It's better to stay in the storm and be in His will! The storm is no reason to change directions. Changing directions would have cost the disciples a blessing. Changing directions may well cost you a blessing, too.

The disciples were secure in His watchfulness. Jesus was not physically present with the disciples when the storm came. He had sent the multitudes away. Then He went up into a mountain to pray. Though He wasn't physically present, He knew their situation. He knows your situation, as well. His knowledge was not based on His physical presence then. Now His unlimited presence assures us of complete knowledge. Jesus went to them. His coming caused them fear (Vs 26). Sometimes in the storm the thing that causes us the most fear is the vehicle, or the means, of His coming. He'll often show up in an unexpected way. It sometimes catches us off guard.

Think about Peter and his excursion to walk on the water to Jesus. Peter's request to walk on the water wasn't a presumptuous or egotistical act. No command of God ever involves presumption or ego. If Peter's request had been wrong, Jesus would have responded differently. However, this act was marred by inadequate faith (Vs 30). Peter became centered on the circumstances surrounding him. He took his eyes off Jesus to look at the wind. This is something he did

This act, itself, was a demonstration of remarkable faith on behalf of Peter. Don't go criticizing Peter. Peter did something the other disciples wouldn't do. He got out of the boat in faith and literally walked on the water! Most of us have never been out of the boat! It was a classic example of obedient faith. When Jesus says, Come, we must go. So long as we are centered and focused on Him, we cannot fall!

Are you in a storm? Jesus knows where you are and will come to you. Have you failed to get out of the boat when He said, Come? Come on out of the boat and take the steps of faith . Jesus didn't let Peter down. He won't let you down.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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