Thursday, October 31, 2013


NOTE:  My blog posts may become infrequent (as they have in the past month) as we enter in to a very busy time of year for us.  I will, however, make a blog post when I have opportunity.  I plan to resume blogging on a regular basis at the start of the new years.  Thanks!

The United States recently come out of a government shut down. While not unprecedented, it has been a while since the U.S. government had shut down.  This was the result of a budget dispute between both major parties.  While this government shut down did not literally shut down the entire government  it did shut down nearly 20% percent of it.  This shut down had a ripple affect on an already weak economy.  Many social services were affected resulting in government offices being closed.  Many employees deemed "non-essential" were sent home until the government budget dispute was resolved. Because of this, phone calls went unanswered, meetings were cancelled and programs were halted.

The resolution came around two weeks later and was a temporary resolution, at that.  There is no guarantee this won't happen again early next year when the agreed upon temporary budget runs out. 

I was thinking while all this was going on just how grateful I am that there is never a government shut down in heaven!  There never has been and there never will be!  Praise God!  As believers, we can rest assured when we pray, God hears!  Jesus remains at the Father's right hand making intercession for us - pleading our case!  There was no disruption of service.  Heaven's economy still thrives!   

It's exciting to think about what awaits us when we pass from this life.  I like how the Salvation Army looks at it when a believer passes from this life.  They believe (as do I) that person has been promoted to heaven!  Wow!  You talk about a promotion!  That's enough to get you excited!  And to think there has never been an interruption in heaven's economy.  Like the old song says, "Heaven's sounding sweeter all the time."

Until next time....enjoy the journey!


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  1. Good Words of Wisdom Bro. Ray. God bless you. Bro Dan Boyer