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NOTE:  My blog posts may become infrequent (as they have in the past month) as we enter in to a very busy time of year for us.  I will, however, make a blog post when I have opportunity.  I plan to resume blogging on a regular basis at the start of the new years.  Thanks!

Scripture Reading - Luke 8:43-48

"The hem of His garment". This is a phrase that has caught the attention of the world. Songs, poems and numerous sermons have been written and shared about touching the hem of His garment. This is the story behind those words. This is the story of a woman in great trouble – a woman in great need. Let's take a look at her desperation, her determination, her deliverance and her declaration. Let's look at how her experience relates to us today and what we can learn from this woman to better our own spiritual journey.

This woman was a desperate woman (Vs 43). Her problem was revealed in a single verse. She had an incurable blood disease (sickness). She had spent all her money on physicians. She was ceremonially unclean. According to Jewish law, a man who touched a menstruating woman became ceremonially defiled (Leviticus 15:19-28). This was true whether her bleeding was normal or, as in this woman's case, the result of an abnormal condition. Therefore, she was physically desperate – her health was gone. She was financially desperate – her money was gone. She was spiritually desperate – she couldn't enter the temple.

She is a type, or representation, of all people apart from Jesus. Physically – we are ever moving toward death. Financially – money can't buy what we need. Spiritually – our sin separates us from God.

This woman was determined. (Vs 44) She came behind Him, and touched the border (hem) of His garment. Now there were a number conditions to discourage her from coming to Jesus. The great crowd surrounding Him – it was going to be tough to get to Him. The attitude of the disciples - Lord the crowd was pressing and shoving.  Considering the importance of His mission she may have thought, “He's too busy to be concerned about me”.  Her own appearance – she was pale, poor and pitiful. Still she pressed through to Jesus! She was persistent – she was determined. If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole (Mark 5:28). Let's look at that word “whole”. It is the Greek word “soto” which means to save; to deliver or protect; heal preserve, save, do well.

Now let's take a look at this woman's deliverance ( Vs 45-46). Her deliverance came from contact with Jesus! That touch of His garment was a touch of faith. She exercised greater faith than healthy people around her. She exercised far greater faith than perhaps she thought she could.

Jesus responded to her faith. He asked, “Who touched Me?” - He was sensitive to her touch. “Virtue is gone out of Me” - This was a touch that made a difference. Today, many surround Jesus but never touch Him. What a difference between the crowds that are curious about Jesus and the few that actually reach out and touch Him. It is only faith in Jesus that releases God's supernatural healing power.

The woman declared that she was healed (Vs 47). We see her trembling...then her testimony. She shared her testimony. She told Him why she had touched Him. She declared to the crowd what had happened. Her words have endured. She was the only one in that crowd whose words are known today. In touching Jesus, she was able to touch others. Her testimony is still heard today.

I encourage you today to press through to Jesus. Don't try to make yourself perfect before doing so. Come as you are with all your needs. Don't pay any attention to the doubters or critics in the crowd. There will always be those who will doubt and criticize.

What if this woman had not pressed through? This woman received more than she anticipated – she got more than she came for. She was healed from her illness. She became a child of God: Jesus called her daughter (Vs 48). Jesus gives more than we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20)! Are you just curious about Jesus, or do you reach out to touch Him in faith, knowing that His mercy will bring healing to your body, soul and spirit? Some things to ponder.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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