Wednesday, January 2, 2019


It's a new year but God's the same God! Praise God for His consistency. Even when our lives are up and down God remains stedfast, consistent and sure.

Many are glad to have 2018 behind them for any number of reasons. I encourage you to look forward to 2019 with a great anticipation of what God has in store for you. 

As for Cindy and I, we are excited about what God has laid out before us. 2018 was the busiest year we've ever had for New Jerusalem Singers. We praise God for all the doors He opened for us. We never take any opportunity to minister for Him for granted. 
We are approaching 2019 with great excitement. We anticipate even greater things. Doors are already opening up for us in our singing ministry. I will begin blogging again. I plan on doing "Something To Ponder" from time to time on Facebook.  I will start "tweeting". We are looking forward to encouraging God's people wherever they are and wherever they gather. 

2019 also brings a change in that I will be leaving the pastorate to pursue the calling God has placed on our lives. Just as sure as we know God brought us to the church, we are equally sure He is leading us out of the pastorate. We have no regrets as we know we have accomplished what God has called us to do while we have been here. We love our church family and are looking forward to seeing whom God calls to lead this congregation forward. 

We hope to see many of our friends and family as we travel the state lifting up Jesus. 

May God bless you and your 2019!

Enjoy the journey!


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