Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Church Visit - Baptist

Since leaving the pastorate earlier this year, we will be visiting various churches as we have opportunity and will, once again, blog about our experience. I did this one other time before getting involved in another church. 

This is my seventh blog post in a series I am doing on our experience visiting churches of various denominational labels, sizes and different styles of services. It is not my intent to be critical, but rather to be real and honest in our experiences. We have established criteria we are looking for at all of the institutional churches we are visiting. I do not intend to mention the church specifically by name.

I have blogged in the past about Christians who have left and are leaving the institutional church in large numbers. They are leaving for their own spiritual welfare. Most still love God but have become disillusioned or fed up with the institutional church today. I believe this is a timely series. May it open our eyes and our hearts to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.


~DENOMINATIONAL LABEL - American Baptist south of Springfield

*Traditional XXX 

~SIZE OF CHURCH - There were 15-20 people in this particular service.

~FRIENDLINESS - We were greeting upon entering and given a bulletin. We found a seat and sat down. Another lady came and chatted with us for a bit. She was the song leader for the service.  We didn't find the church all that friendly before service.  However, after the service we were greeted by most of the people in attendance. They were very friendly. 

~AVERAGE AGE OF CONGREGATION - This was an older congregation with an average age of 68-70

~DRESS ATTIRE - Casual to dress/casual

~GREETING - There was no formal greeting time during the service

~MUSIC - The music was traditional and out of a hymnal. Pastor told us when she greeted us that one of the musicians passed away in February and one remaining one gets one day off a month and this was that Sunday. They utilized piano by track.  

~BALANCE OF MUSIC VS WORD - It was about a 55 minute service. Sang two congregational songs, offering, time of praise reports and prayer requests, reflection and prayer led by pastor, special song, then a 40 minute sermon. There was another hymn sang after the message.  

~TECHNOLOGY UTILIZED - They utilized PowerPoint. 


~ACTIVITIES/PROGRAMS OFFERED - Sunday School. Additionally, they are taking donations for back to school items as well as nonperishable items for the food pantry that can be used in school lunches.


~PREACHING STYLE- Very much conversational. Topical sermon

~USE OF SCRIPTURE - Very good. Utilized Scripture to go with each point of the sermon.

~RELEVANT MESSAGE - Very relevant message for the Christian life

~LENGTH OF SERVICE - 55 minutes

~OBSERVATIONS/COMMENTS - The first thing I noticed was the congregation had a genuine "family" atmosphere. They were genuinely concerned for those on the prayer list and the situations that needed prayer. 

This is an older congregation. Pastor is a very pleasant lady.

We will most likely return to visit this church at a later time. 

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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