Friday, September 4, 2020

Don't Be Critical Of Those Who Worship

 Last Sunday we sang at a church not far from where we live. During the course of the sermon the pastor made a statement that resonated with me. The statement was, "When we worship there will be critics".

People are critical. Church people are especially critical. There will be critics both within and without the church when you worship God. The very place you should be able to go and worship God is the very place where you are most often criticized. How sad is that? God must be very grieved. 

The criticism is most often based on your worship style. How you worship God. I firmly believe there is no wrong way to worship God. 

People worship in different ways. Some sit quietly and worship while others are more expressive in their worship. Some lift their hands. Some lift their eyes to heaven. Some do both. With some, tears are part of their worship experience. Some even fall to their knees in worship of God. Again, there is no wrong way to worship. The important thing is that we make worship a part of our Christian walk. 

No matter how you worship, someone is going to be critical of you. Those who are critical may well be those who spend little or no time in worship themselves. Or perhaps they do not have an understanding of what worship is. 

A critic may be one who believes there is only one right way to worship - the way they do it. Many have a "my way or no way" mentality when it comes to worship. 

So many tend to have a critical spirit. They will give account of that when they stand before God. 

I want to encourage you to not allow anyone to hinder you in your worship of God. God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to die for us. He bestows abundant blessings on us daily. He's given us life. He is worthy to be praised!

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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