Friday, November 13, 2020

Everything Is Better With Bacon

Given how picky of an eater I am it may or may not surprise you that I like bacon. I not only like bacon, I like bacon real well. It's my opinion that everything is better with bacon.

I remember my grandmother would have a container she saved bacon grease in. When she was cooking a meal she would often add some bacon grease to it. Why? Because everything is better with bacon. Grandma knew best!

I remember cooking myself breakfast many times while Cindy was working. I fried some bacon and left all the grease in the skillet. Then I scrambled some eggs and dumped them into the skillet - bacon grease and all. I'm not saying it was healthy, but it sure was good! Why? Because everything is better with bacon - even bacon grease. 

There is a recipe I would like to try that includes bacon. I like the food I would be cooking just like it is. But everything is better with bacon so I can't wait to try it with bacon grease cooked into the meal. It sounds scrumptious to me. 

Now, let's consider our journey through life. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns - good times as well as bad times. Let me say everything is better with Jesus! 

Perhaps your life has been relatively good. Things have gone well for you overall. I want to assure you your life will be even better with Jesus. In fact, I guarantee it.

Maybe your life has been filled with struggle after struggle. About the time you think things are looking up something happens that brings you down. Life seems unfair to you. I want you to know with full assurance that life is better with Jesus. No doubt about it. 

Let me say that just because you have believed on Jesus and are a Christian that you will never have another issue. In all reality nothing could be further from the truth. Read the New Testament and you will see the struggles some of the early Christians had. Their struggles were real. The pain was real. Many were deserted by other Christians. The loneliness must have been extreme at times. If they could speak to us today on this topic, they would tell us everything is better with Jesus. 

Following Jesus is tough at times. Serving and following Jesus really is like a beautiful rose garden though. Keep in mind in that rose garden are lots of thorns that can scratch you to the point of drawing blood. Even in those tough times, everything is better with Jesus.  

I've had many ups and downs in my own journey. I've drifted away from Jesus in my younger years. I've had my share of sorrows and heartaches. I've been betrayed by brothers and sisters in the Lord I truly loved. I truly understand these things. That is why I can loudly proclaim everything is better with Jesus!

If, on your journey, you are finding things are not the way they used to be between you and Jesus it's time to do some self examination. If Jesus seems far from you take a wild guess at who moved. The Bible tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us. Be honest and ask yourself how much time you spend reading the Bible and praying. Have you allowed Him to permeate your spirit. Are you growing spiritually? Are the Fruits of the Spirit being produced in your life? If you are lacking in one or more of these areas then take the necessary corrective actions and you, too, will find everything is better with Jesus. 

I'm going to continue to enjoy my journey with Jesus...and eat bacon.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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