Saturday, September 11, 2021

It’s All About What You Are Made Of

Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and they respond, “I’m doing okay under the circumstances”. “Circumstances is defined as “facts or conditions connected with or relevant to an event or action”.

I believe character and integrity is extremely important. I also believe our faith and trust in God is vital to the believer. 

Let’s face it, we all face challenges on our journey through life. How we respond to these challenges - whether they be trials, valleys, heartaches, tempatations or whatever else it may be - will be determined by our character and integrity. The means we use in responding to these things is our faith and trust in God.  

You may very well encounter some things on your journey that will soften your heart to a particular situation or person. On the other hand you may encounter some things that harden you or toughen you up. It’s ironic, as the above saying tells us, the same things that soften us can also toughen us. Both are needful in the life of every believer. 

I encourage you to look for the lessons God has for you when you are facing things you’d rather not face in your life. Don’t throw yourself a pity party and become so eager to get out of the tough times that you overlook and miss the lesson.

Keep your chin up and your focus on Jesus.

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