Thursday, November 1, 2012


You know, the more I am around organized structured church folks the more I realize just how dysfunctional they are.  According to Scripture we are to function together as one.  Harmony and unity was prevalent in the New Testament Church.

Today, however, we don't see that so much.  Well, let me qualify that statement.  As long as things are going the way we think they should be going there will be harmony and unity. We have a "my way or the highway" mentality.  Does this please God?

This applies to what God desires for us as well.  Let God come in to our midst and try to move us to greater freedom in Him or to a new level in Him then the walls go up!  I've often said I want all that God has for me.  I don't mean I want all that God has for me as long as it fits into the realm of what I want.  I simply want all He has for me.

Perhaps its the structure of the organized churches, today, that feeds this mentality.  We have church boards, trustees, deacons who think they should run the church, committees and so-called pastors who run the church as a dictator.  Most churches, today, are incorporated with their state government.  Then we get wrapped up in our traditions, our pews and even our buildings.  No wonder God doesn't move in our midst.  We are so wrapped up in everything else that we don't have our minds on the Lord when we do gather.

I believe it's time we just rely on Jesus!  After all, its HIS church, is it not?  Forget the building.  Do away with the one man  show. Dissolve corporations and church boards. Let's allow Jesus to lead His church and have His way in our gatherings!  Let's loose God's people to minister to one another - a genuine body ministry!

Do these things sound radical to you?  Well, the New Testament church was a radical church!  It's time we be radicals for Jesus.  Let's lose the baggage of organized structured religion and enjoy the freedom of serving Jesus in uninhibited ways!

Who's with me?  Think of what God would do through those who would take this step.  In fact, a recent Barna Report tells us the fasting growing segment of Christianity is the "Out of Church" Christians.  People are leaving the organized church due to it's ineffectiveness and structure for opportunities to gather in freedom and without restraint to serve Jesus.  Sounds radical to me!  Let's be radicals!

Until next time...enjoy the journey.


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