Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Life is sufficiently turbulent, at times, to be compared to a storm. The wind blows, the rain falls and the elements rage. Sometimes we feel like we're being tossed around by the storms of life we encounter on our journey.

Each one of us will face storms in our lives. These storms are much worse for some than for others. They come in various forms. Money runs out. We lose a loved one. Problems at work. Depression. Marriage problems. Your children disappoint you. Perhaps you've had a failure in some endeavor. Even emotional upset.

God will take you out of the storm eventually. God's timing is not our timing. He works in His time. God will make the storm stop. The disciples serve as a good example of this (Matthew 14:22-36; Mark 4:35-41). This very often happens. God will see you through the storms. You will often have the opportunity to see God's faithfulness. He knows where you are! He is present even though you can't see Him or sense Him at times. He knows just how much you can handle. He has promised not to give you more than you can handle. He is honor bound to intervene. No boat He was in ever in sank! He won't allow you to be overwhelmed. The storms can get pretty wild at times. Always remember, God cares and can stop a storm at will. You can only be overwhelmed if you choose to be. He wants to show Himself to be God to and for you. The storm often gives Him opportunity. Peter wouldn't have missed this storm for anything. It gave him opportunity to do what none of the others would do.

God wants to grow you spiritually. We grow through the trials and storms we go through. We can't get strong without pressure. God wants to do some miracles. The storms we face are often launch-pads for miracles. Just because you are facing a storm doesn't necessarily mean you are out of God's will. You are to experience faith in the storm. The rebukes that came were because of failure of faith on the part of the disciples. All other factors should make faith easier. The more often we see God work the more it increases our faith. When you get through the storm you'll love Him more! This is true of individual storms we encounter This is true of a group storm. This is true of life in general.

Accept the real facts as they are – storms are real! Trust God completely. Stay where you are – let Him move you. Get to know Him better. Refuse to panic. Expect God to do great things

When the storms of life come raging your way, praise God anyway! When you don't know what to do, praise God anyway! When you don't know which way to turn, praise God anyway!

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