Thursday, March 7, 2013


I love that we can gather anywhere and at anytime with our brothers and sisters in the Name of Jesus!  The local assembly where God has placed us temporarily lost access to the building we were meeting in.  In fact, the entire building is being moved to other property in order to make a way for expansion of a local business.  The business is paying to move the building.  We were originally supposed to be displaced for two maybe three weeks. Instead, we've been out of the building the entire month of February.  We may be out of it most of this month, as well. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, some people are so hung up on the building.  It's as though they are married to the building.  That, I believe, is an unhealthy relationship.   We began meeting in a house and did so the entire month of February.  However, the driveway has been wiped out with mud and the ground is uneven so one of the sisters arranged another meeting place - the basement of a local bank!  

Some of the folks who gather with us are coming around to the realization that the location or venue we meet in doesn't matter in the least.  The important thing is that Jesus is there!   After all, Jesus told us that where two or three are gathered together in His name He would be right there in the middle of them. Without Jesus, we have no reason for gathering together. 

I wish I could say everyone was on board and no one missed the building.  I cannot say that, but I can say that many of those we gather with have come to realize it's not about the building.  Praise God for that! 

I believe God is in this "displacement".  He's teaching us lessons that, perhaps, would never have been learned without the displacement.  PRAISE GOD!  We need to look for the lessons in the midst of what seems inconvenience, at best, and trials, at worst.  We'll find God there.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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