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My next few blog posts will be thoughts and messages on the Holy Spirit that  I have shared with the local assembly God has placed us in.  I pray they will be a blessing to you.

Jesus made a promise – a promise that He would send the Holy Spirit. In today's blog post we will see the fulfillment of that promise. When God makes a promise, you can count on it!

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come (Acts 1:8-11). Jesus promised when the Holy Ghost came He would empower the church to be effective. Jesus promised the disciples they would receive power to witness after they received the Holy Spirit.

Notice the progression. They would receive the Holy Spirit. He would give them power. They would witness with extraordinary results. It is through the baptism of the Holy Spirit that believers receive the power to witness for Jesus and to bring conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment upon the lost. The distinctive purpose of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts is to empower the church for ministry.

The disciples were to pray for the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:12-14). Jesus had been with them for forty days after His resurrection. He had instructed them to pray for this power that would be ushered in by the Holy Spirit. So what did they do? They separated themselves in an upper story room for the purpose of praying for this promise. After Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples immediately returned to Jerusalem and had a prayer meeting. Jesus had said they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit in a few days, so they waited and prayed.

What was the evidence of the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:1-4). Wouldn't it have been exciting to be there on the Day of Pentecost? Things began to happen! They heard something that sounded like a mighty rushing wind. Fire was involved. The wind and fire indicated God was present and active in a powerful way. It is noteworthy that this is the only time in Scripture where these two things are mentioned in regards to the Holy Spirit.

Then there were the unknown tongues or languages that were spoken. Tongues were languages unknown by the ones speaking them. Speaking in tongues was and is a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Everyone heard the gospel in their own language and dialect. I, personally, have spoken in tongues and continue to do so – most often in my personal prayer time.

I believe speaking in tongues is one of the most abused gifts today. It must be recognized that the mere occurrence of speaking with other tongues, or any other supernatural manifestation for that matter, is not absolute evidence of the work and presence of the Holy Spirit. I believe for everything God has Satan has a counterfeit.  Speaking in tongues can be counterfeited by people or even Satan, himself. It is to be as the Spirit gives utterance. It's not a learned thing, but rather a spontaneousGod thing”.

They then began to preach in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:14-36). The power of the Holy Spirit was evident in the preaching of this message. This was a new Peter – God had restored Peter after his denial of Jesus. His confidence came from the Holy Spirit who made him a powerful and dynamic speaker.

Peter addressed the accusations that they were drunk. The Holy Spirit brought a new power and a new boldness to proclaim the gospel – and it was quite effective. This same power and anointing is available to believers today.

What were the results of the Holy Spirit's presence? (Acts 2:41-42). 3000 people were saved and added to the church!!! Not only did they get saved – they continued in that which they started! They continued in the apostle's teaching. They continued in fellowship (sharing, unity, close association, partnership, participation, a brotherhood – a unity brought about by the Holy Spirit). They continued in the breaking of bread (this appears to mean communion as a full meal – as the last supper was). They continued in prayers. What an impact the Holy Spirit had – and He still does when we allow Him to move.

This promise of the Holy Spirit was not only for the 120 that were in the upper room. This promise is for you and me today. This promise is just as valid today as it was then. The Holy Spirit is in the world today. The Holy Spirit was sent into the world on the Day of Pentecost and He's been here ever sense. His power is available for each of us. Do you want this power? Do you desire to draw closer to God? He desires to move in you today

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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