Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm constantly amazed that people who are not living in relationship with God have expectations that God will answer their prayers.  It would seem to me that those who walked in realtionship with Jesus in the past would want to get back to that intimate relationship once again.  Look around at our society and you will see this is certainly a time you want to make certain your relationship with Jesus is intact.

In most cases, these individuals freely admit they are not living a life pleasing to God, yet they expect God to meet their needs and even their wants.  Does anyone else see the folly in this?  Our relationship with God should be of paramount importance to us.  If that relationship suffers, that has a domino affect in every area of our lives.

You see, God responds to our prayers according to biblical criteria.  We must ask according to His will for Him to hear us.  It's about a right relationship with Him.  Once that relationship is right His desires become our desires.  When we are out of fellowship with God, do our prayers go any higher than the ceiling of the room we are in?  Our direct line to God is severed in regards to our partitions. 

When we pray for other Christians we are making intercession for them.  We are agreeing and standing with them in prayer.  When we pray for those who are out of relationship with God we are making supplication for them.  We are going to God on their behalf because they are not in relationship with Him to do so themselves.  It is far better to be in right relationship with God and go to Him directly with your needs.

Too often we think the only answer to prayer is the answer we want.  We fail to recognize that God sees the whole picture while we only see the here and now.  We see one piece of the puzzle while God sees the puzzle in it's entirety.

If you find yourself out of relationship or out of fellowship with Jesus, I want to encourage you to take time to pray and make things right.  If there is sin in your life, confess it and turn your back on it.  If there are hard feelings toward your brothers and sisters, go to them and make it right.  Whatever might be hindering you from being in right relationship with Jesus needs to go.  Do it today. 

Jesus is going to return for His church.  We don't know when, but He has promised to return.  It's not time to get in right relationship with Jesus, it's time to be in right relationship with Jesus. 

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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