Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog.  In fact this is my first post this year!  I have received messages from several of my readers asking if everything is ok and why haven't I blogged in a while?  I want to update you on how things are going with us and what we are doing.

The end of July I will be celebrating one year as a retiree from pastoral ministry.  I use the word "celebrate" because I do believe we have been celebrating since leaving the pastorate.  Now don't get me wrong, we do miss many of the people and the fun we had serving Jesus together.  However, just as surely as God led us in to the last pastorate, He led us out.  He emphasized to me that this would be a retirement from pastoral ministry as opposed to a mere resignation.

While I have retired from pastoral ministry, I have by no means retired from ministry!  I have had opportunity to fill in for pastors who are on vacation and even conduct the entire church services. Most excitingly, however, our gospel music group, New Jerusalem Singers, is busier than ever!  When I announced my retirement to the the church congregation last June, I prayed and asked God to keep us busy serving Him.  That He has!  He has opened doors that have not been open to us before, we have returned to places we have been previously and we have started what we are calling Gospel Music Gatherings with New Jerusalem Singers at various venues.  You can check out our singing schedule at .  I would encouareg you to "Like" New Jersusalem Singers on Facebook, as well.  We will keep you informed of upcoming sings.

June 28th  of this month our group will be celebrating 25 years of gospel music ministry with an Anniversary Sing at Community Park in Jacksonville, IL.  Jacksonville, is where it all started for NJS so we thought it fitting to return for our 25th Anniversary Sing.  We will also be releasing our new project, LIfting Up Jesus For 25 Years on that day.  This is a two cd set . It is a compliation set of fifty songs.  We have taken songs off of every recording we have ever made and compiled them in to this two cd set.  There are many orginal songs that God gave to Cindy and I, as well as songs written by former members of our group.  There are some hymns as well as other songs that touched many hearts through the years.  We are praying this project will be a blessing and encouaragment to our brothers and sisters who are walking this journey with Jesus.

We will also have a reunion of most of our former group members with each doing a few songs with us as we tell the history of the New Jerusalem Singers.

If you are in the area we encourage you to come and join us for this exciting day of ministry.  Apparently we will have some doors to give away.  Cindy tells me we have some door prizes.  Sorry...I just couldn't resist!

The devil has tried to slow us down, with some health issues but he's under our feet and we are moving on with Jesus!

So as you can see, we are doing well and are busy about the Father's business. Hopefully, I can get back in the saddle and resume writing blogs more often then every five months.  Stay tuned!

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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