Saturday, January 10, 2015


Here we are in 2015! Wow, where did 2014 go? When I was younger I used to hear others who were older talk about how time is flying by. Now that I am older I am saying the same thing.

I would like to start by giving you an update on our ministry from 2014. Last year was the busiest year we have had as the New Jerusalem Singers.  We sang in institutional churches, various events, fairs, festivals, senior hi-rises, retirement homes, nursing homes, gospel sings plus we hosted a number of gospel sings around our area. In total, we ministered and lifted up Jesus through music 84 times! We praise God for the opportunity to serve Him.

As good as last year was, its in the past and we are living in the present with an eye to the future. We anticipate 2015 being an even greater year lifting up Jesus through music. As we usually do, we are taking January, February and half of March off.  this is normally our time to begin scheduling for the year. We usually produce a new recording that we release in March. Things don't always work out that way, but that is our "norm".

This year has started off as anything but normal for this ministry. Cindy ended last year with a detached retina which has sidelined her for three weeks. Thankfully we got her to the doctor in time as there is a narrow window to get this tended to before the loss site in that eye would be permanent. We are expecting a complete recovery. She my still have some issues for up to six weeks. Also, Sharon (who takes care of our product table) will be having knee replacement surgery this Monday.

On the bright side, both of these ladies should be in good shape and ready to go when it comes time to start singing in March. We praise God for. that.

In the meantime, Cindy and I are going to visit some area churches over the course of the next several weeks.  I will blog about our experiences at each church so be sure to check out my blog often.

Until next time... enjoy the journey!


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