Friday, May 1, 2020

God's Direction

Over the months and years I have heard many Christians say they wish they could know God's direction or will for their life with certainty. Several have even said they sometimes wish God would write His direction or will for them via a "handwriting on a wall" so as to make it plain to see, read and understand.

You may recall the one time the Bible speaks of "handwriting on the wall" was in the Old Testament under the old covenant. It was a message of judgement to King Belshazzar. With that in mind, I must say I am not the least bit interested in receiving a "handwriting on the wall" message from God. Besides, this was the Old Testament.

We are New Testaments believers living under a new and better covenant. Praise God for that! As believers, we are to be led by the Holy Spirit. He indwells the believer and will lead us and guide us in to all truth. This sure beats a handwriting on the wall, in my opinion.

Too often, believers fall into the trap of looking for a "sign". Jesus said signs are for unbelievers. We don't need a sign when we have the Holy Spirit. Again, God has provided a much better way for us.

In my personal life, God's direction or will has always been clear. I knew when to step out in faith and do something. I would sense His leading, I would pray about it and then step out and do it. We've been on some great adventures with God by following His direction and will for our lives. Fortunately, God gave me a wife who is the perfect ministry partner for me. Don't get me wrong, not everything went smoothly and without issues. Satan won't allow that. But God is greater! He has always seen us through when we follow His direction and will.

I think its important to point out one other thing that is equally as important as God's direction and will. His timing. This often takes just as much prayer and discernment as determining His direction and will. God's timing is of paramount importance. Timing is everything in the spiritual realm.

Let me give you an example of God's direction and timing in my life. God led us to pastor a little country church that had undergone a great deal of difficulties. After just over five years, He led me to "retire from pastoral ministry". I didn't retire from ministry, just  pastoral ministry. Just over two years later the church suffered a bad split. God led us to return to the church. I knew it would not be a long term situation for us. God sent us back there for the healing process and to love and encourage the people. We did this. God began preparing me to once again leave the pastorate. In fact, I knew seven months before I even announced I was leaving. I knew God's direction and will in this matter. However, I had to wait on His timing to make my announcement. Once I announced it was another five months before I preached my final sermon as pastor.

While God's direction is always clear, it takes discernment to know His timing. I can't stress this enough.

Even now God is opening new doors and leading down a path I've never gone before. Its a path I could never have imagined. It's exciting. It's exhilarating. I'm confident His direction, as well as His timing, will be made His time.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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