Thursday, July 29, 2021

Modern Religion Vs The True Gospel

There is much emphasis on numbers these days. This is especially true in churches. Actually, it has been this way in institutional churches for as long as I can remember. It’s all about the numbers. If a group of pastors gather at a meeting or conference it’s going to come up in conversation in short order. “How large is your church?” Or “How many do you have in your church?” I’ve been asked this question every time I attended a pastor’s meeting. 

We like to say numbers are important to the extent that each number represents a soul who will spend eternity in heaven or hell. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. However, I do not believe I was asked this question, at least in most cases, for such a noble reason. My observation was more along the lines of importance and ego. The more people a particular pastor has in his church the more important he is and the greater his ego. The fewer people you have the less important you are to the work of God.  

I like what AW Tozer said here. I believe he hit the nail on the head. Today’s modern religion has been brought down to mere numbers. Oftentimes in order to get the big numbers it entails a watered-down version of the gospel, worldly music and antics and celebrities. By compromising they can fill a building. 

Preaching and teaching the true gospel to receptive hearts will fill people with God. This is substance for tough times. This will give them victory. This enables them to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. This looks different than the “big worldly churches” that so many flock to. 

I so enjoy the free expression of God’s church in whatever shape or form it takes and wherever it happens. Remember, WE are the church. When we gather, wonderful things happen. It matters not if you gather in a dedicated building, a park, a restaurant, someone’s home or backyard. It’s also important each person gathering has the opportunity to have input should they so desire and be moved by the Holy Spirit to do so. 

I believe, without a doubt, God’s church is an “outside the box” group of believers who love God and love one another. This group of believers desire more of God and to grow in His grace. This group of believers has the true gospel that emphasizes filling others with God. 

Don’t be fooled by modern religion. Don’t become complacent by the modern gospel. Rather, let’s make Jesus the center of all we do. Let’s give Him place to work on us and through us. Let’s put forth the true gospel and see others filled with God. Let’s do it for the glory of God. 

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