Friday, August 6, 2021

Leave The Drama Behind

 We live in a day of division.  Bitterness and anger run rampant among friends, families, co-workers, churches and even countries. We are certainly seeing more than our share of it in the USA. I have never seen a more divided time than what we are experiencing today. It’s heartbreaking and sad to see what is going on and how this division is impacting all those involved.

People and people groups get their feelings hurt far too easily these days. Political correctness is running amuck. It’s crazy! Everywhere you look there is drama. Sometimes it even turns dangerous and deadly.

I do agree with the above. I have never been one to like drama. I don’t like it in families, work places, churches or my country. Frankly, I don’t see the point. I am aware of the old adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the greased”. Many start drama and carry on until they get their way. How sad. What a miserable life they must have.

I learned a long time ago to walk away from drama and the people who start it. I still love and care about these people but I want no part of the lifestyle of drama they have chosen for themselves. 

I choose, rather, to be around people who are a positive influence. People who bring a smile to my face. People who make me laugh. People who are there to lean on when times are tough. You know, people you enjoy being around.

As for the drama queens, I will certainly pray for them that they, too, will be free from their self imposed bondage. If you are one of them, come and walk with me - away from the drama. Life is, indeed, too short to be anything less than happy. 

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