Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The institutional church of today has become something God never meant for it to become, in my estimation. Today's church is a corporation. Today's church is about programs. Today's church is about numbers – both those in attendance as well as the offering. Today's church has become more of a social circle for the elite than a spiritual center for the sinner. In most churches we see there are certain people in charge. If you ruffle the feathers of the wrong people things can get bad for you.

It seems today we must placate the people. The problem is most of the people attending these so called churches today want to hear preaching and teaching that tickles their ears and stays off their toes. We can no longer preach and teach against sin or we risk losing people.

Political Correctness has found it's way into the church. We don't want to offend anyone for fear of them leaving the church. If we offend Bro. Big Bucks he'll take his money and go elsewhere. We must not have a service that lasts more than an hour or people will quit coming. When we do get people in we must entertain them. You know, give them something to come back for. No wonder the church in is such a pitiful condition today. Most churches, today, don't have enough power of God to blow the fuzz off a peanut!

What ever happened to hating sin, but yet loving the sinner. We can, and should, hate sin. We must still love the sinner. We can separate the two. We must not condone sin in order to appease the people. We must preach and teach God's Word just like it is to people just like they are. We must do our part and leave the results to God.

Many today are leaving the institutional church for these reasons. The institutional church is literally choking the life out of them, spiritually speaking. They are leaving the organization for their own spiritual good.

Is it all about Jesus or all about the church? That may sound like an odd question, but think about it. The church, as we see it today, is an organization. We have so many programs these days. We have to build this organization. We have to add to this organization. We get so involved with church programs that we neglect our relationship with Jesus. I say forget the programs! Let's get back to the basics! Let's get back to JESUS!!

How about you? Has "churchianty" taken over your life? Are you tired of what passes for church these days? Are you longing for a real genuine walk with Jesus? A real relationship? You can have it. Sometimes it may well mean leaving the institutional church you belong to. It doesn't matter where we gather with other followers of Jesus. It doesn't even matter when we gather. The important thing is that we have a real relationship with Jesus and that we gather with other believers to share, fellowship and walk together in an honest and joyful journey.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!


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