Saturday, March 31, 2012


As the church, we are the Bride of Christ.  We are the the bride Jesus will one day return for.  He's been preparing us a place for some time now.  He has promised He would return for us.  Rest assured, He will keep His Word.

However, most Christians seem to be married to the building as opposed to being married to Jesus.  What's up with that?  Did a building die at Calvary for the sins of the world?  Did a building shed it's blood for all mankind?  Did a building promise to prepare a place for us and then come again and take us to that place?  Many would say, "Now you're just being silly."  Am I?  We are so wrapped up in the meeting place that we forget about the One in whose Name we are meeting.

Not long ago I was talking with a lady who was all upset about churches using the "sanctuary" for a gymnasium.  She believed the sanctuary was holy.  She was all wrapped up in a building.  There is some Old Testament validity to that.  BUT...I reminded her we are a New Testament Church today.  We are no longer living and serving under the old covenant - nor do I want to go back to that old covenant.  God provided a better covenant with Jesus!  I'll take that any time.  I also reminded this lady that we are the temple of the Holy Ghost now.  God no longer dwells in a temple made with hands. He dwells within those who have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  So the building really is just that - a building!

What is the infatuation with a building?  We pour our resources into a brick and mortar structure that will one day pass away.  There are those who build multimillion dollar complexes.  Is it a God thing or a man thing?  It seems to me from my observation, at least, that oftentimes man is building a temple and a kingdom to himself while using God to raise money.  Rest assured, we will all stand before God some day.  It would seem to me that those funds could be better used ministering to the needs of the body.  But that's just me.

Even the church where God has us at the present time has recently spent a sizable amount of money (in my estimation) doing some repair work on the building.  I have no doubt this building means more to some than it does to me.  The church is the people not the building.

Some, no doubt, would say, "Well, where would we meet without a building?  You can't have church without a building!"  Is that so?  The early church didn't have dedicated church buildings until the third century under Constantine's rule.  How in the world did they survive without a building?  Quite well I might say.  You see, the building and most everything about the modern church building has it's roots in paganism.  From the building itself, to the elevated platform and dedicated clergy.  Yep, paganism.  How's that make you feel?  You see, for the most part, the church met in homes and most usually it involved a meal.  They went from house to house.  There were no mega-church gatherings back then like we see today. There were not even denominations back then - but that's a subject for another blog post on another day. 

I propose to you, today, that "going to church" was a foreign concept to those early Christians.  You see church isn't something you go to. It's something you are!  We are the church.  The church is a living breathing organism, not a brick and mortar meeting place

"Well, how should we gather then?"  That's a good question!  Anywhere we want!  However we so desire. We can gather in a park, in someone's house, at a restaurant, in the backyard or garage of a friend even in a building when it necessitates it. There need not be an "order" of service.  Just let community happen.  Invite Jesus and He'll be there.

The bottom line is its time for the church to be the church God has ordained us to be.  Stand up and be counted.  Gather together to spur one another on and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.  We should be lifting up Jesus not fundraising to pay for a building.

Where ever you are, God has a plan for you.  He may have yous serving in an institutional church setting for a season.  If He does, there's a reason for it.  He may have led you out of the institutional church setting.  Enjoy your freedom in Jesus! What ever your situation, above all get to know Jesus better and better.  It's all about Him, after all.

Until next time, let's enjoy the journey together!


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