Tuesday, January 29, 2013


There are people who cross our paths who are, what I call, nitpickers.  They will complain about every little thing that isn't going their way.  Now I'm not talking about things that need to be looked after or tended to, but rather little things that quite honestly don't amount to a hill of beans.  

Nitpickers, if they persist, can become "joy-suckers".  H. B. London coined this term a few years back of people who will attempt to suck the joy of the journey right out of you. These are people who are never happy or content in their own lives and they make it their personal mission to make certain others are as miserable and lacking joy as they are.

You can see it on their face.  If some of these folks smiled it would break their faces!  Somewhere along the way something zapped the joy of the Lord from their lives.  Perhaps they've allowed sin to creep in to their life that remains unconfessed.  Maybe something didn't go their way somewhere along the way and they allowed the joy to slip away.  Maybe they've never really been saved.  Whatever the reason, the joy is missing in their life.  That's sad, too.  Scripture tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

I have found if Jesus is the Source of your joy, than other people cannot take that joy away.  Neither can circumstances, whatever they may be, steal that joy from you.  If, on the other hand, your so called joy is based on having things, being financially secure, everything always going smoothly and everything going your way, than you don't really have the joy the Bible talks about.  Perhaps you have some happiness or self-gratification, at best.

DON'T ALLOW ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE STEAL YOUR JOY!  Don't be a nitpicker and don't allow a nitpicker to become a joy-sucker in your life.  

Walk the journey and live it out.  Walk with the Father day by day.  Allow Jesus be the center of your existence.  Not the church.  Not fellowship with other Christians. Not gospel music.  Not even preaching or teaching but rather JESUS, and JESUS ALONE.  You will find in Him all you need for a joyful journey.

Until next time...enjoy the journey!


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