Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs.  I hope to start blogging on a consistent basis within a week or so.  I will cover a wide array of topics.  Some of my topics will be serious, some will be light hearted and some even humorous at times. 

A good deal of my writing will be devoted to Christians.  Being an "outside the box" believer, I am passionate about encouraging others in their walk with the Savior.  This will be reflected in my writing.  These won't be your typical "run of the mill" writings you see all the time.  You see, I'm not your typical "run of the mill" Christian. Some of the things I will say might even raise some eye brows.  But that's okay.  We need to raise some eyebrows these days.  We might even tip over some "sacared cows" along they way.  Who knows?

I encourage you to check back often.  Why not sign up to "follow" my blog.

Let's enjoy the journey together!

In His Grip!


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