Monday, February 20, 2012


We live in a day when we've been been led to believe that bigger is better.  Think about it.  We have bigger houses, bigger yards, over-sized furniture, bigger cars and huge 60+ inch tv screens to watch our favorite tv shows or sporting events. We can even go to our favorite fast food restaurant and "super-size" our meal!  Just about anything we have these days we can get it bigger.  And to many, bigger is better.

This idea that bigger is better has even spilled over into the gathering of God's people.  There are mega-churches today that host numerous services on Sunday mornings featuring various styles of worship services.  The idea is to offer something for everyone.  Programs?  They have them for all ages and backgrounds.  Music?  They have all styles from jazz, to contemporary, to praise and worship to an occasional hymn.  I'll share some additional thoughts on these mega-churches in a future blog.

Is bigger really better?  Have you ever heard the expression "It's the little things that count?"  In today's society we often overlook the little things in favor of the big.  We see the little as being insignificant when in reality the little things are every bit as important, if not more so, than the big things.

There are several little things in Scripture that come to mind as I write this.  Each of these little things had a big impact.  These little things made a big difference.


God told Moses to throw that rod down.  That rod was just a dead stick in Moses'  hand, but when he obeyed God, casting it to the ground, it became alive!  That little stick was seriously promoted!  It went from herding a bunch of sheep on the back side of the desert to parting the Red Sea!  That stick was never too far away from Moses.  God had used something as simple as a stick to reveal Himself in a powerful way to Moses.  Listen, God can take whatever we have and demonstrate His power through it!  Don't limit God!


When David set out to face the giant of a man, Goliath, he was but a teenager. David didn't know it couldn't be done.  He had faith in His God.  King Saul tried to suit him up with the king's best armor, but there was no way David could utilize Saul's armor because he hadn't proved it in the past.  David opted to use what he knew - to use what he had proved.  One sling and a shepherd's bag with five smooth stones.  You see, by using what he knew along with the calm assurance that the battle is the Lord's the giant was defeated!  We can defeat the giants in our lives in the same manner.  Use what we know along with the calm assurance that the battle is the Lord's!


The disciples wanted the same things many of us desire today.  In Luke 17:5 the disciples asked Jesus, "Increase Our faith." They felt if they had more faith they could do what Jesus did.  Have you ever felt that way?  Jesus told them they didn't need a large amount of faith.  A mustard seed size would do!  I wonder if some of them went to check out a mustard seed to get a better understanding of what Jesus was saying?  Take a look a mustard seed.  Its' so small you can barely feel it if it's in your hand.  Now imagine what a mountain looks like.  It's huge!  In man's eyes mustard seek faith could never remove this mountain.  But God backs up His promises to us!


There was a need to feed 5000+ people.  All they had was the lunch of a boy.  This meal consisted of five loaves and two fish.  That wasn't going to go very far.  But Jesus was there!  He's the difference maker!  He blessed the food and began to distribute it.  It not only fed the 5000+ people it also generated twelve baskets full of leftovers!  We serve the God of plenty!  Our God is more than than enough!

There are other little things in Scripture that could be shared, but these were some I wanted to share that had such a great impact.  Without God those things were just things.  With God those things became great things!  You see, God makes the difference. 

What you do for God may seem small and insignificant at the time, but God rejoices in what is right, not necessarily in what is big.  Be faithful in the small opportunities   Begin where you are and do what you can.  Leave the results to God.  Remember, little IS much when God is in it!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!


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