Friday, February 24, 2012


Cindy and I had  the opportunity to attend our grand daughter, Lauren's, school program this afternoon.  This was a "civic" themed program all five kindergarten classes joined forces to put together.

They started out the program by recognizing all the veterans and active duty soldiers who were in attendance.  The children then led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegience - and yes, the words "under God" was recited in the pledge.  The children went on to sing several patriotic numbers.

The song I most enjoyed was "God Bless The USA".  Now I'm certainly not the most patriotic person in the  country.  I never have been.  Don't misunderstand me  I am an American citizen.  I understand and believe with citizenship comes reponsibility.  As the children were singing I began to wonder what kind of a country will our children and grand children have if things continue on our current path?  l'm not talking about republican or democratic issues.  l'm realistic enough to know that whoever is in office is never going to make everyone happy.  The bottom line is our leaders must work together for the good of our country - and our children

It's easy to criticize our leaders.  Scriptures tell us we are to PRAY for our leaders.  They certainly need all the prayer we can send up for them.  Let's make it a point to pray for our government leaders on the federal, state and local level.  And, together, lets ask God TO BLESS THE USA!

Until next time,  enjoy the journey.


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