Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Blog? Why ME?

When I first began the feel like I should start blogging I resisted the urge. After all, I reasoned, I have two other websites that have blog capabilities that I haven't taken advantage of.  Well, I did when I first set them up.  I was excited about that.  Some of you may have read some of those blogs.  I know you didn't read many because I didn't write many and I didn't write them consistently. You know how some things you start fizzle out in a short period of time?  Come on, you can admit it.  It's just you and me.  That's the way those other blogs were. 

So when I felt God leading me to start a blog, I asked, "Why blog?  Why ME??"  I knew my tack record.  So I didn't do anything about it.  After all I was busy doing what I do. On top of that I was dealing with some health issues.  We can sure come up with some excuses to not do what God is leading us to do, can't we?

By the way, to answer the question - Why blog?  Why ME?  I have no idea!  You was probably expecting some deep theological answer there, huh?  Sorry.  I don't have one.  What I do know is that I've been preaching the last several weeks about our need to obey God and do what He leads us to do even when its not what we would normally do. You know, step out of our comfort zone.  I'm been challenging the church to surrender and commit to God.  Sounds like God's telling me to "put up or shut up".  So, I'm going to obey. 

I do believe God has me doing this for a purpose.  God doesn't do things just to do them.  There's always a plan and a purpose in everything God does.  The same is true for everything He has us do, as well.  Who knows who this blog may reach?  If one person is touched or encouraged by a thought that is shared in this blog the effort is well worth it.  If someone is challenged in their spiritual life and is drawn in to a closer relationship with Jesus it's worth it all. 

I commit this effort to the One who gave His best effort for each of us - Jesus Christ!

Enjoy The Journey!


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